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Nexus Point Systems Integration Services is a consulting division of Nexus Point Systems Integration, LLC (NPSI). NPSI is a full service systems integration, software architecture and engineering firm. We provide software engineering lifecycle services to any industry. Nexus Point Systems Integration - Health Integration is our Health Care Integration Consulting team. Health care is an area that deserves special focus because of the level of regulation, security requirements and the ever changing landscape. As a result, we created the NexusHIE Team.
Our analyst, developers, project managers and integration architects are well versed in the delivering solutions for the health care continuum. We help clients to design new solutions or re-engineer old and insecure interface practices into new and modern health care interoperability solutions.

Product Offerings

With respect to our product offerings, we strive to create value for clients in the form of fast, flexible and affordable solutions that are less costly year over year, more maintainable and secure.


If you have experience selling into the Health Care information market space, this is an excellent opportunity to build and earn great commissions.

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Integration Development Consultants

If you have Health Care software engineering, data or integration experience with HL7, NCPDP, CCD, X12, XML, you can earn income as a part of our team of national independent consultants.

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High growth opportunity with a proven product, solid track record, low debt and expense, excellent positioning and vision.

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We are growing our team of National Independent Resellers

Great earning potential if you have experience selling in the health care market space

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Earn sales commission doing what you love wherever you are

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Independent Integration Development Contractors

  • We have independent integration developers across the country and we are expanding the ranks.
  • We provide product training for experienced developers who have backgrounds in HL7, NCPDP, X12, XML,CCD, C-CDA etc.
  • We provide remote development and technical support services for many of our clients. So remote consulting opportunites are often available for experienced and proven candidates.
  • Projects are typically smaller and centered around delivery of specific interfaces.
  • Training options are available. Our trainers help you to become proficient and our customers depend on it.

Earn while doing what we do best, delivering rock solid solutions

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Value and Opportunity

Investor Relations

The health care market is rich with opportunity because of the value it brings to mankind.
We are a firm that believes in the good that we bring. On some level, we help to improve the lives of others. This is very important to us.
Our goal is to increase the value that we bring and to make it available in order to benefit the masses.

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Expanded Our Service Offerings to the Cloud

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