On-Premises Integration

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Integrate, exchange, translate, enhance and route HL7, X12, EDIFACT, NCPDP, CCD, XML, flat file, binary and custom messages for internal and external data sharing solutions. Comply with HIPAA transaction and code set requirements.

Time Tested

ConnectMate Engine is our time tested interface engine which has been serving the health care industry since 2003.

Standards Based

Standards based integration is easy with ConnectMate because it comes packaged with schemas and parsers that allow you to create interfaces between health care systems with less effort.

Configurable Schemas

ConnectMate's HL7, NCPDP, XML and X12 schemas are configurable so you can easily change them in the ConnectMate Design Studio to meet your data mapping needs.

Glue for the Incompatible

This is why we say, "ConnectMate is like glue that binds incompatible systems." With ConnectMate if there is a will, there is nearly always a way.

ConnectMate parses messages inside the engine to XML. The developer can access and leverage the entire message body for validating and enriching the message, configuration based routing, mapping and distributing information to meet your requirements.


You get your cake and you get to eat it too, with bare metal performance, design flexibility, lower license cost, lower maintenance cost and a low learning curve.

Connect Your Distributed Sites

Integrate all of your distributed health care sites like hospitals, clinics, labs and other partners, securely and from a central location in the ConnectMate Health Cloud. Our cloud based platform is available via a monthly, quarterly or yearly service fee. Your ConnectMate Infrastructure resides in a secure and scalable cloud environment.


Hospitals with distributed clinics, Accountable Care Organizations, Medical/Clinic/Ambulatory groups and other geographically distributed providers need centralized services to enhance "Meaningfull Use" data sharing capabilities. With ConnectMate Health Cloud you can create and control your own private Health Information Exchange. Your distributed sites and partners can be anywhere. You manage the interfaces from a central cloud based integration and management platform.


With ConnectMate Health Cloud, you access and manage your integration infrastructure and services remotely. You have control of all managed interfaces from a secure web accessible platform. Connect between sites with VPN or HTTPS. Administer as if you were managing your in-house applications.


Administration access is secure with remote access. Processes are secured using standards based encryption methods and VPN based connectivity.


You have complete control of your interface design, message processing, message transformation, message routing as well as access to analysis and message logging resources.


Deploy and distribute message processing across one or many processing instances. Leverage our gateway models to isolate message routing and delivery from message and business rule processing.


ConnectMate Health Cloud and ConnectMate Engine on-premises can be used together for a fluid and simplified Hybrid-Health Integration Platform.