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Health Information Exchange
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What We Do

Our specialty is Health Care Integration: We provide the best and most cost effective health care integration platform along with consulting and monitoring services to meet your interoperability needs including On-Premises and Cloud based solutions.

2 key components to serve you:

NexusHIE is the dedicated health care systems integration consulting practice of Nexus Point Systems Integration, LLC. Our team members have considerable experience in health care information, integration and application development. We are hands-on consultants who specialize in delivering integrations for our hospital clients and insurance payers that use ConnectMate Engine.

ConnectMate™ Engine: Learn More ConnectMate™ Engine integrates, exchanges, translates and routes many standard and definable non-standard message types. ConnectMate™ delivers comprehensive support for HL7, X12, EDIFACT, NCPDP, CCD, and XML based messages which comply with HIPAA transaction and code set requirements, and provides PIX integration capability.

  • Our Flagship Integration Platform
  • Serving customers since 2003
  • Comprehensive support for:
    • HL7(v2,v3,CCD,CDA)
    • NCPDP
    • X12
    • XML
    • Binary
    • Custom Message Types

See Where ConnectMate Fits (Click to Enlarge)

Simplicity: ConnectMate Engine embodies a simpler design philosophy which makes learning ConnectMate easier than with other integration technologies. ConnectMate uses well known scripting languages so skilled labor is readily available. Your team can become proficient and productive sooner. Seasoned developers will be able to create and deliver new interfaces with very little training.

Who We Help

Organizations that need health integration: Everyday we aid customers in delivery of solutions like patient data exchange with health information networks, partners and providers, clearinghouse integration with pharmacy benefit claims processing and more.

  • Pharmacy Benefit Administrators
  • Hospitals of All Sizes
  • Insurance Payers and Health Care Management Organizations
  • Health Information Exchanges and Networks (HIE - HINs), Government & Private
  • Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs)
  • Investors who want entry into the Health Care Market
  • Providers
  • Document Management OEMs
  • Health Care Vendors and Business Partners
  • Health Care Consultants
  • OEM Software Developers
  • Most Important, The Patient

Greater Agility - Lower Cost: Annual budgets are always tight so containing cost is key. It is important to match cost containment with value. Lowering your licensing costs and increased delivery agility adds value. Delivering successfully, with greater agility is a must to improve data sharing for Meaningful Use. Medical patients and insurance members are the ultimate beneficiaries when health care services providers deliver with increased agility and well managed cost. ConnectMate is more cost effective and aids in achieving needed agility.
ConnectMate will allow you to deliver solutions with less effort, greater agility, and gain greater capacity for your annual budget dollars.

Who Benefits

Ultimately, Health Care Patients: Health care patients will benefit from improvements in information exchange between health care services providers. With the right solution and delivery partner, health care service providers like you can experience improved operating costs resulting from improved information exchange and shorter delivery timelines.
So, cost efficient delivery is a Win-Win!

  • Introduction Video
    NexusHIE and ConnectMate

Health care integration doesn't have to be difficult or prohibitively expensive. Organizational size doesn't matter. Whether a small clinic, large health insurance payer or a government Health Information Network, your organization improved integration capabilities with NexusHIE Services and the ConnectMate Interoperability Suite of tools.

Our goal is to help you achieve your health care interoperability goals with an affordable, high powered processing engine that exudes simplicity. We strive for simplicity because "Complexity" is ever present in the enterprise and is hard to manage and recognize. It can silently erode your budget and increase your Total Cost of Ownership.

Fast, Powerful & Simple ConnectMate and the NexusHIE model thrive on simplicity. NexusHIE uses a rich but simplified approach to aid you in delivering your solutions. We help you to envision your project level requirements early in each initiative. Then we work with you to iteratively clarify your assumptions and risks to define the most productive streams of work. With ConnectMate you pay less for overall licensing, support and yearly maintenance fees. That coupled with less time spent developing means you save.

Our Solutions