What We Do (Our Services)

We help organizations integrate information to deliver cost effective communication between internal systems and external partners

Integration Development Services:

  • NexusHIE Health Cloud Integration Development Services
  • NexusHIE On-Premises Integration Development Services
  • Health B2B and Manage File Streaming and Transfer Development Services
  • MicroService and REST API Application/Gateway Design & Development Services

Monitoring Services:

  • NexusHIE Health Cloud Integration Monitoring Services
  • NexusHIE On-Premises Integration Monitoring Services

We Deliver Comprehensive Solutions

NexusHIE Cloud and On-Premises Solutions integrate, exchange, translate and route health care and non health care information (messages) to where you need it. NexusHIE solutions make the work easier by providing out of the box, standard message structures and schemas which comply with HIPAA transaction and code set requirements. We also provide IHE PIX/PDQ integration capability.

  • Our Flagship Integration Platform: ConnectMate Integration Engine
  • Serving customers since 2003
  • Includes comprehensive support for:
    • HL7(v2,v3,CCD,C-CDA)
    • FHIR Message Translation
    • NCPDP
    • X12
    • XML
    • Binary
    • Custom Message Types

How We Deliver (Our Platforms)

Cloud, On-Premises, HIPAA, MicroServices, B2B, Managed File Transfer

  • Health Cloud Integration Platform (Monthly Subscription)
  • On-Premises Integration Platform (Platform Licenses)
  • Hybrid-Cloud Integration Platform (Combined Subscriptions)
  • B2B and Manage File Streaming and Transfer Platform (Combined)
  • MicroService and REST Gateway Integration Services (Combined)

Monitor NexusHIE Platforms from anywhere with our mobile enabled Management Center

The foundation for our platforms is ConnectMate Engine

Where We Fit (Everywhere)

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Our technology and our approach embody a simpler design philosophy which makes delivering solutions, and teaching others to deliver easier than with other integration technologies and services. We can help you deliver and maintain your solutions. We can help your team become proficient and productive sooner. Seasoned developers will be able to create and deliver new interfaces with very little training.

Full Service Cloud Integration

Cloud Integration Plan Levels

  • Small Cloud Level (Monthly Subscription) Starting at $1500 / Month
  • Stratus Level (Monthly Subscription) Starting at $3000 / Month
  • Alto Stratus Level (Monthly Subscription) Starting at $8000 / Month
  • Cirrus Level(Monthly Subscription) Starting at $15000 / Month
  • Multi-Level Monitoring Services Available
  • Integration Development Services Available

On-Premises Integration Platform

Competitively Priced License Levels

  • Partner Licenses Starting at $6000 + maint.
  • Standard Licenses Starting at $12000 + maint.
  • Critical Access Licenses Starting at $19000 + maint.
  • Enterprise Licenses Starting at $50000 + maint.

Call for additional pricing details

  • Introduction Video
    NexusHIE and ConnectMate